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Medium Voltage Capacitors



The FAMP shunt capacitor is used to enhance the power factor, reduce the line loss, enhance the efficiency of transformer, improve the quality of power supply, reduce the section of distribution cable and enhance the capability of power transmission. The FAMP shunt capacitor adopts the polypropylene film with surface coarsening as whole film electrolyte which is easy to impregnate, and adopts the insulating oil without PCB as impregnant with safety and high environmental performance. The high explosion-resistant capability of shell guarantees its safety using. On consider of the peculiarity of china power gird, we especially enhance the adaptive design of the field intensity and material so as to make they be accordance with the operation requirements of china power grid.


The FAMP capacitor is possessed of the excellent electric performance and high reliability, its features are as following:

High explosion-resistant capability of shell guarantees safety operation.

Lower dielectric loss.

Minimum temperature change of capacity value.

Insulating oil accords with the requirement of environmental protection.

Withstand fault current below 10KV.

Integral discharge resistance guarantees to discharge to safe range efficiently  and  rapidly.

2,Structural features

 Capacitor shell adopts the high quality cold-rolled steel sheet or stainless steel sheet, and with mounting bracket for lifting on both sides which equipped with special grounding screw. The internal of capacitor is composed of capacitance unit and dielectric with excellent performance.

There are fire retardant components, discharge components as well as self-protection components in the internal of capacitor.

 The structure of capacitor unit adopts the design of protruding electrode plate to basically eliminate the resistance loss and enhance the capacity of instantaneous current. The interelectrode dielectric adopts the polypropylene film with surface coarsening which is easy to impregnate so as to enhance the reliability of high-capacity capacitor.

The aluminum foil used to be electrode and its edge adopts fold and curvic structure, so as to improve the distribution of field intensity (FI), and reduce the ratio of Maximum Edge FI Vs Average FI from 6 to 2, in this way, eliminate the higher FI points by eliminating the burr on the edge of electrode plate, and be able to design and produce higher field intensity than the ordinary one. In addition, reduce the loss of capacitor and the probability of partial discharge, so as to enhance the insulation reliability of capacitor.

 As the impregnant, the insulating oil is provided with the following features, such as excellent dielectric performance, stable chemical performance, non-chlorine or chlorinated biphenyl, complete biodegradation, non-pollution, low condensation point, low viscosity, excellent performance under low temperature and absorption capacity for the gas which is produced by partial discharge, high fire point, excellent capability of over-voltage withstanding.

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