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Power Factor controller


●  The Computer SDARE-12L PF regulators measure cosφ in supply system and control the connection and disconnection of capacitors to obtain a target programmed value.


●  The manual is an easy guide for the use and operation of the Computer SDARE-12L.For manual can be downloaded form the web site of

1Standard mode: Displays cosφ
2cosφ lndication/setting
3C/K setting. See paragraph 6
4Program setting.See 4.2
5Delay time setting for switching on/off operations
6Nr of steps setting
7Setting CT phase and polarity connection
8-Cursor keys (when in setting mode)
-Manual ON /OF (push during more that 1s when in RUN mode)
-Push both to see the Nr of connected steps
9SETUP KEY:Push during more that 1s to enter SETUP mode
10Lagging current indication (inductive load)
11Leading current indication (Capacitive load )

图片1.jpgAny manipulation or use of the equipment out of the conditions specified by the manufacturer may put in risk the user safety. Before any maintenance operation the equipment must be disconnected from power supply. In case of miss operation fault the equipment must be disconnected from supply and remain out of service ensuring against any accidental reconnection.

1.Regulator Connection

For proper operation it`s necessary to install a current transformer, CT(normally ln /5 A), which primary must be sized according to the maximum expected load current in the installation.

The regulator supply (C-D terminals) must be taken between two phases and the CT should be located in the third phase. See technical characteristics for cable sizes and required protections.


The current transformer, CT, must be located so that it measures the whole load current plus the correction capacitors.


Supply and V measurement input terminals(C-D)400 VAC +15%-10%; 45-65 Hz, Connect preferably to phases L2-L3
Supply cables size and protectionCross section 1.52 ; 0 , 5 to 2A Fuses gl type
Current measurement circuitCurrent transformer (CT), In /5. Place preferably in phase L1 Minimum cabling cross section 2.5mm2
Current measurement margin0.1to 5 A (maximum overload+20%)
Accuracy of measurementsVoltage and current :1%; cosφ :2%±1 digit
Default cosφ setting1
Power consumption6 VA (no load);7.5 VA (6 relays connected); 9.5 VA (12 relays connected)
Display1 line ×3 digits ×7segments +20 icons
Output Relay ContactsMax .250 VAC,10 A,AC1
Output Relay Cabling and ProtectionCabling cross section 1.5mm2.Protection by means of a 6A circuit breaker (C curve) or by a 6A fuse (gi type)
Safety / insulationLast relay automatically set as alarm output , if not in use
Compliant to the following StandardsEN 61010,EN 61000-3-2,EN 61000-3-3,EN 50081-2,EN50082-1,EN 50082-2,EN 61000-4-2,EN 61000-4-4,EN 61000-4-8,EN61000-4-5,EN 61000-4-11,UL94
Safety / insulationCategory 111,Class 11,According to EN 61010-1
Environment Limit conditionsTemperature limits : -20℃ a +60℃; Relative Humidity 95% (without condensation).Max Altitude :2000m
Protection degreeIP51 (panel mounted)
IP30(regulator box), According to EN-60529
Control systemFCP (Minimum number of operations)

3.Four Quadradrants Operation

The computer SDRK-12L regulators operate in 4 quadrants (suitable for imported or exported active power ). For exported power ,a negative symbol is displayed in the cosφ indication. Check phase connection and setup if there is no exported energy and the indication is not correct (see 4.3,SET-UP-phase)

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