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Features that matter:

■ Low Losses

■ Complete with mounting brackets and connecting cables

■ Including temperature switches

■ Temperature range up to +60℃

Harmonic filter reactors

Type SKD


Used in conjunction with FASE type Power Factor Correction Capacitors , harmonic filter reactors (blocking reactors) make it possible to install detuned versions of fixed capacitor banks and power factor correction systems. This enables users installing distribution boards to construct customized systems themselves. 

power loss

3.5—6W/kvar (depending on version and level of harmonics)

Temperature Range
-10 to +60

Low-loss,three-phase assembly complete with mounting brackets,connecting cables and thermal trip.

Ingress Protection
IP00 to IEC 60529 for mounting within an enclosure

Series Resonance Frequency

Version   Series    Detuning  For networks with
         Resonance factor     utility company AF
         Frequency              remote control1)
P14      134 Hz       p=14%      >6Hz
P7      189Hz        p=7%       >228Hz 

Utility company specification with the above must be taken account.

Please refer also to be design notes given in Manual of power

Factor Correction.(other series resonance frequencies on request) 


The reactor must be mounted in a suitable enclosure ensuring an ambient temperature within the specified range.


The coil line-side (U1, V1, W1) and load-side (U2, V2,W2) cables can be connected to the switchgear directly or via terminals. The temperature switch (contacts open at 140℃) must be connected to a trip/alarm circuit  in Applicable Standards When installing and connecting power capacitors in Germany, the standards VDE 0100 IEC 60364, VDE 0105 IEC 60050, IEC 60529, VDE 0560 part 46 IEC

Load Capacity
Version Power loss   Permissible harmonic voltage
          W/kvar        250 Hz         350 Hz
 P1        4-6           6%              6%
 P2       3.5-6          6%              6%

Important Note

please use only the correct number of the appropriate  power capacitors as stated in the table for each individual harmonic filter reactor .If this requirement is not adhered to, the resulting series resonance frequency can under certain circumstances move into a critical range. Apart form possibly overloading the installed components, the utility company's remote control systems could also be adversely affected.

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